Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well this is my first post of the year, and I have to say, I have been a busy little bee over the past few weeks. The house is slowly coming together. We now have our lights, dining set, computer desk, H's full-sized bed, REAL chest of drawers for me instead of those cheapy plastic crappy drawers, and our latest addition is the sofa - fanfare please. Although to be honest, I haven't spent much time sitting on it :(

The gym was closed for FIVE days over new year, meaning I gained a kilo...not really sure why because I wasn't pigging out too much, just not really getting much exercise. So when it opened on 5th, I was raring to go and have lost the kilo and back down to 6 kilos left to lose. Let's hope it continues too.

H is back at kindergarten today, which meant that L and I could sort of go back to our normal routine, except he seems to have given up on napping...he used to fall asleep after his mid-morning feed, and then when that stopped, I would rock him to sleep, but now he is just not having any of it, especially after H has been home during the winter holiday. Pretty hard to nap with her making a racket. So I am not sweating it. At least no naps in the day time means less chance of being wide awake at night (in theory), which I would prefer, so I am just letting it be.

I sorted round and got all of the children's stuff from the spare room (they have been sneakily putting things in there and playing there) ready for the Kobayashi's sleepover tomorrow :) I have yet to make the curtains for the second window in there, so that is my task for tonight while Y is at his drum lesson.

I am desperately trying to stay on top of the housework, and have a schedule down, although it often has to be postponed due to diversions such as mainly keeping order with the children/my husband, cooking and running errands outside the house. I cringe whenever I see a little dust bunny rearing it's ugly head. Laminate flooring is nice and easy to clean up spills, and I know much healthier, but it's a pain in the bum to keep clean on a regular basis. Would help if L didn't go crazy every time I got the hoover out too O_o But surface-wise at least, house is fabulous and I think my standards are possibly just too high considering I have two little ones. Just want to keep it clean and tidy for the sake of my sanity.

My Mum has set the date to come out and visit after Golden Week, so I am really excited about that! I haven't had anyone visit from home since she was here last January, and she will be the first of my family to stay in our new place too!

Well, off I go to sew curtains and finish up the housework...


  1. If you are busy running after the little one.. that will help with getting your exercise/steps in... when I do my 50 min each day.... 5-6 days a week.. in between those hours.. I still feel like I should be doing more.. know what I mean.. then I do more if I eat out or have a Mc burger... haha

  2. Yes, you are right about that! The great thing about exercise is that the more you do, the more energy you have to do more, so I totally understand what you mean about wanting to do more in between your exercise sessions! My first day back at the gym was followed by a Big Mac...but I refused to feel guilty about it..I was hungry, and I skipped the drink and fries, then the following day, worked out really hard! Didn't get the last message from you :( Not sure where that went?