Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not lazy!

It's been sooooo long since my last post, but this time, it's not out of laziness. I often thing about things that I want to write about here. Mostly when I'm hanging out laundry for some reason..but alas, I never get around to it. The reason for this is my new found motivation. I KNEW I hadn't lost it. It was just chilling out for a while, but is now back with a vengence (is that the right spelling..?). Anyway, for the month of December, I have been to the gym for a total of 10 out of 11 possible days, i.e. days when Y is working/practicing for dancing at weddings (don't ask..)/out for bonenkai and Fridays and Sundays, when I am not allowed to go to the gym because of my membership type. So I am embracing this new motivation, which also seems to have led to eating less and better. Plus being out of the house for the gym from 9:30 until about 11:45 means no chance to get bored and start mindlessly snacking. I get home, have an orange/carrot/some pepper and then go to bed.

This month has also seen the, and I say this tentatively, end of the breastfeeding. Since December 15th, Luka has had only one feed, and that was a desperation one in the middle of the day. He is not having a feed at bedtime, just a cup of warm milk. This is a challenge in itself because he doesn't really seem to like cow's milk, but will take it if he is thirsty, and seems to enjoy drinking something warm. So to keep up his calcium intake, he is eating lots of cheese, nothing new there, little fish and yoghurt. Ok, so back to the getting fit and losing weight thing. Before I stopped bfing, I had lost a grand total of FIVE kilos - yippee!!! Then after the nursing stopped, I went up 400 grammes literally overnight. So far, this has not come off and I have hit a plateau. I refuse to let this put me off, however, and am still religiously exercising and eating well. It may not be anything to do with nursing, and could just be that my body has gained more muscle, because oh joy of joys, I noticed that my stomach is starting to show signs of a "4-pack"!!! Now I must clarify, I still have a tum, lower down, but I'm talking midriff here, and small steps and all that. I have NEVER had anything more than a 2 pack, and that was just fat...yuk...so I am determined to lose another 10kgs (or less if I'm happy with my figure) by mid 2010 I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but only another kilo to go, so that will be great! I have already been able to extend my wardrobe with clothes from before, but sadly other clothes have become too big. Not that I really mind in the long run!

So here I sit, writing this at one a.m., and thinking that I REALLY need to go to bed if I'm going to avoid oversleeping again tomorrow. Can you believe that I need to start using an alarm clock again?!?! Heaven! Night night!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rainy days and periods

This morning was so cold, and I swear the air smelt of snow. When I got to the nursery, it started to rain. Typical that I had already started the washing. I missed a day yesterday, and H had to go to nursery wearing a long sleeved top under a summer blouse because I only have two winter blouses. I begrudge buying more, because they are almost 3000 yen each...

So I have just got the children off to bed, and have the evening to myself as Y has gone out to practice his next show for another friend's wedding. This is good, because it gives me chance to firegaze and I am not great company today due to dreaded period making it's appearance for this month. I made a salad for dinner as I am so bloated, no desire to eat/cook/do anything. I have a living room full of dust bunnies, fluff and laundry. And oh yes, forgot to mention that I did a load of laundry today with H's nappy...it was a dry one, thankfully, but for those who have experienced the joy of washing a nappy (or a panty liner for those without children) will know that they contain a lot of jelly like stuff that gets over EVERYTHING! Fortunately, today, I rinsed and spun again and it seemed to get a lot out, although I'm sure it can't be good for the washing machine!

Today is my sister's birthday, Happy Birthday J! But I am a rubbish sister because I didn't even get a card sent, let alone a present :(

On a POSITIVE note, because I certainly need one of those today, apart from a few hacks in the night, my cough is on the way out! My windpipe seems to be getting back to it's normal size, and I can actually talk without sounding like a female-impersonator too! There is my silver lining for today :) Let's hope it stops raining tomorrow.