Tuesday, January 26, 2010

62 :))

Today is a happy happy day! I know you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday, but I DO, damn it! Yesterday morning, the scales read 62.4kg and this morning, they were 62!!! Woohoo! That was my weekly goal, and it's only Tuesday! I know a lot can happen in a week, and it may well be up again by the end of it, but I am revelling! I worked hard and I am allowed to revel (revell?!?), ok?!

Today I visited Natasha, a Canadian friend in Maebashi. It's been a couple of weeks since we last met up, so it's kind of unusual, as we usually only have time to get together every month or two months! Her daughter was at daycare, so it was just us and our boys, and Natasha's cat, Sakura, who Luka is always taken with :) It was nice to get out and have a good chat for a couple of hours. Plus her house is so warm compared to ours right now...bloody freeeeezing! And as always, got some good news from her. Apparently, there are plans for an Ikea to be built in Maebashi. In GUNMA for goodness sake. For anyone that doesn't know, I am an Ikea freak. Love the designs, the value, the food, just wandering around, etc. etc. So the thought of not having to pay for the highway and to just be able to nip in for lunch, is a little more than I can bear right now.

And aside from that, it was announced that a "large American warehouse" would open up in the same complex...erm, Costco anyone? Anybody, info?!?!?


  1. Well done you!!! My final goal is 58kg, but I'm 69 now, almost there, but I feel like I stalled, so I COMPLETELY cut out any snacks and am back to eating oatmeal for breakfast and lunch (which I love).

    It is frustrating, can't work out more than I do now... moderate aerobics or brisk walking for 45, 100 girly push ups and 300 sit ups.... I reduced my calories to 1700 a day from 1900, so if I burn 300, it should HOPEFULLY kick start it.

    I try not to weight myself, I get obsessed and have a tendency to get waif like (when I was in my mid 20's).

    According to the BMI chart, it says I can't weigh more than 68kg to be at normal weight (I think that is 150lbs)? So 10kg to go for me, but I'll be happy at 5kg more.

    Once I get to my final goal, I can eat my favorite foods again in moderation.. just as long as I never go skiing and keep active...

    As for Ikea and Costco.... we still have to take the damn high way.. but have their warehouse here in Nagoya city.. WTF?

    Hope they come this way....too!

  2. Congratulations on reaching your weekly goal already! I too weigh myself everyday but I shouldn't... especially being pregnant. It's amazing how much my weight can go up and down in just one day. Sometimes it's as much as 1kg different!!

    Yay for IKEA coming to Gunma - I wish IKEA was a little closer to us. I love it as well but considering the closest to us is in Funabashi we have only ever been once!!

  3. April Marie - thanks for your post! Yeah, my final goal is 57, so we are pretty much at the same goal :) Think you are doing great to workout sans gym. I would be a sloth...I've been trying the vibrating stand machine at my gym, which seems to be working on the inch loss. Ten minutes a day, you can go to little specialist stores (in regular clothes) for 500 yen. Supposed to be equal to an hours workout, so worth a try eh? I know those plateau times. Am just over one now, hence the reason why I am so happy at weight loss! Ah, you are good not to weigh yourself. It is the beginning of the end...but seems to work for me :)

    Yeah! What IS it with Ikea and Costco?!? It's like a day trip..back in my home town it's a 10 minute drive...typical!

  4. Thanks Nay - I weighed myself about once a week when I was preggy. Didn't want to think about it then :) Wow, yeah, Ikea is far from most people I know. Where are you living?

  5. Hey Laura.. just wanted to add I'm going to try having two servings of Nato a day.... there are tons of health benefits and I want to see if it naturally speeds up my process...

  6. Oh, April Marie, wish I could go that route. I can't even stand the smell of natto, let alone go so far as putting it in my mouth. But of course you are right, it's very healthy. Strangely enough, I've always found that dairy helps, and specifically eggs. One egg a day seems to do something to my metabolism? I was concerned about the cholesterol, but I was once told by a student of mine, a heart surgeon, that one egg a day is pretty much nothing to worry about. But then do I remember somewhere reading that you are not an egg lover?