Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shaping Up!

Usually not wanting to mention my weight, I have decided, what the hell. It's only a number after all...

Well, last week, I reached my weight goal of 63kg for the week. Well, it was actually 62.8, which although a small decrease from my goal, made me smiley for most of the day, yippee! I have a history of yo-yo-ing for most of my adult life. Being "older" now, I only remember my recent weights, although I DO remember my lightest. When I lived in Germany, went to the gym daily, worked in a pub from 4p.m. to 2.a.m. most nights and hardly ate (lot of this was due to stress caused by an unnamed individual), I was (albeit unhealthily acheived) 62kg.

Before I got pregnant the first time, I weighed 74kg..my heaviest. I gained 6kg while pregnant and then lost it all immediately (I mean seriously, I got on the scales a day after giving birth and it was gone!). I am not one of those fortunate women who enjoy pregnancy, in fact, apart from the novelty of watching my stomach bounce around, I can't stand it. I am "blessed" with wide hips, meaning all of my pregnancy weight was equally splayed out, and instead of looking blooming, I just looked, and felt, FAT. So after having H, this really motivated me to change it. I can't say that I had a huge plan, but it just kind of happened. I ate an amazingly small amount, thinking about it now. One piece of toast with honey for breakfast, an egg on rice for lunch, and a normal cooked meal for dinner. But I walked a hell of a lot. Especially compared to now. The station was a 30 minute walk from our old place, and at that time, I didn't really care much for cleaning, so Hannah and I would go out every day for a few hours. I managed to get down to 63kg.

Then after losing all that weight, I got pregnant again. But this time, I was confident that I could lose it all again, so I gave in to the extreme hunger that I felt during pregnancy. Whoever said you eat more with boys was definitely right in my case. However much I ate, I was just constantly hungry. Even my doc. wasn't concerned once he saw how much I had lost after H. I gained a whopping 12kg and was up to 75 again...This time, losing the weight was much harder. I was breastfeeding (which I couldn't manage for long with H), meaning that my body was holding on...Plus I didn't really want to eat like I had done before because I was still "providing" for L. So for the whole year and a half of breastfeeding, I managed to lose a little, but I stuck at 68.4kg. When I started weaning, I noticed I gained a little at first, but felt less hungry, so soon started to come off. Then I joined the gym in October, weaned L completely last month, and am now motivated and happy to keep on. My target weight is a little sketchy. I want to keep within the average section of the bmi chart, but my target I suppose is around 57, which means another 6kg (unless I am happy to maintain before then). A thing that is different from post H, is that I am really getting into the gym. Especially now I have started to see muscle tone. I am becoming one of those crazy fitness freaks, loving the endorphins and "feeling the burn", ha ha! ARghhhhh! Who AM I?!?!

Anyway, feeling good and starting to look good too, now all I need is new clothes...wish me luck!


  1. What an inspirational post!!! Good job and glad to see you are enjoying the gym. I hope you can make it to your goal weight but I think you look fabulous now too!!!

  2. Aw, thanks Sarah! I'm feeling much better, but now I'm on a roll, I'm hoping for at least a flatTER tum :)

  3. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! I never reached mine when I was trying to lose weight last year but I did manage to lose 11kg before getting pregnant- I just weighed myself before and am back at my pre-pregnancy weight although I would like to lose another 5kg to get to my goal weight.

    My body is definitely NOT the same as it was pre-pregnancy though!!! I am actually really looking forward to getting the all clear from my doctor to do exercise on Friday (one month check up) so that I can drag out my hula hoops. Also thinking I might try Zumba! I am not a huge exercise fan but I actually WANT to exercise at the moment which is something I rarely feel!

    Keep up the good work!!! You look great!

  4. Lulu - thanks! To be honest, I still have a "baby tummy", not sure that it will ever be completely fat. Feels kind of hard too...

    But great that you want to exercise, must be something in the air. And lots of people doing it, so very motivating! I never went to the Zumba class at my gym. It just looked way too active for a whole hour, although still looks fun, so maybe one day! GREAT that you are back to pre-preg weight though, yay! Keep it up ;)

  5. Hi, hope you don`t mind me commenting, I blog jumped from reading Sara`s blog.
    Fantastic that you were able to lose that weight, I lost a lot after baby but managed to put it all plus some more back on (thanks trip to Australia!)..reading your story has made me want to keep trying tho (I have already lost 2kg since coming back from Oz).
    Also, I was reading at your older site, you mentioned searching for a house..we bought our house here in Shikoku but I still love looking around and seeing what`s about. I hope you will post more about your searches!

  6. apologies, I actually realised you`ve been blogging on here for a while and read older posts..congratulations on your new place! It looks lovely.

  7. Colorbynumbers - not at all! Thanks for your comment :) I'm so glad that my words have motivated you and wish you luck in getting to your goal weight!

    Ah, I know what you mean about looking at houses. We searched for a number of years, studied, dreamed, and ended up in a ready-build, which is soooo not what we both had imagined! But it is all good, as we realised that our dream was too big for our purse strings!