Sunday, January 24, 2010


So there are some of those ぶるぶる machines at my gym, similar to this one: They is no extra charge to use them, but as there are only two machines, they are limited to 10 minutes per person, per day. There is what seemed a bit like a complicated system to use them, so I have never bothered in the past. After spending a while curiously watching people wiggling away on them (not in a pervy way you understand..), I decided that I should give it a go. I asked one of the staff members, a.k.a. super smily and helpful boy, how to go about reserving my 10 minutes. It turns out that it is pretty simple. Even for me. All you have to do, is find an available time slot on the clipboard at the desk, then write your gender (?) and your locker key number in the slot. That's it...I am a big chicken.

So I had a quick blast on the treadmill while I waited for my turn. I purposefully picked the number 2 machine, because there is a screen behind both of them (so people can't see your bum jiggling), but the 2 is a little more hidden. Believe me, even on the thinnest person, it is not a pretty sight, so I wanted to spare the other customers a big fright ;)

Apparently, while jiggling away and reading the poster on the wall, you can lose 10.8cm from your waist in two months by doing this jiggling for 10 minutes per day. I also heard from my sister that 10 minutes is equal to one whole hour of gym working out...hmm...have I been wasting my time?!?! Well, at least my heart is getting the benefits from the proper workouts. So it is not entirely unpleasant. Just a bit weird. But also kind of relaxing. A bit like how you feel after a massage. And you can actually FEEL the muscles getting worked, especially my waist/hips/back, where I actually want to lose weight. So I will be measuring my progress, keeping up with the real working out of course, and am curious to know whether it really works!


  1. Wow that sounds amazing!!!
    You'll have to let us know if it works... I wonder how much one of those machines goes for.... hmmm

  2. Ha ha, LOADS I bet! I wonder if you could just stay on it all day...