Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Health is underrated

I haven't blogged for a while because I've been poorly with a head cold. Both of the children have been ill too, but L the worst. He was diagnosed with an ear infection, and then just over a week later, with a throat infection. It makes me feel ashamed that they both get sick so often. They are both dressed warmly, eat healthily and well, sleep lots and drink lots of water. So I suppose really I shouldn't blame myself. Gah, this parenting lark is a lot of guilt! Anyway, L is still like a bear with a sore head, but at least he managed to eat all of his dinner today, so it seems that he is getting better. H just has a runny nose, but is back at kindie and seems fine. Tonight I made some scrummy mini burgers with onion, garlic and herbs inside, steamed veggies and oven chipped potatoes. Yum yum!

So I haven't been to the gym since last Thursday. Friday was their day off, and then Saturday was when the cold really hit..along with my period, yippee!! And then yesterday, I had the most awful heartburn, that turned into severe stomach cramps. I was worried it was appendicitis again (yes, have had it twice and been treated with antibiotic drip for it both times) and wish they would have just cut it out. But then wondered if it might be another ulcer :( Last week had been quite stressful with everyone ill at home, plus the housework, cooking, etc., so could just be the stress had been playing around inside again. I have to say, when I am ill, I always think that life is so amazing. Worrying about being deadly poorly, or just feeling a bit unhealthy makes me realise how much I take my health for granted.

So tonight, with some fluttering stomach cramps but nothing too serious, I am off to the gym. It is a big stress reliever for me, so I'm hoping that I can get rid of the cramps with some light exercise and some good rest. Of course, my 62kg has now become 62.6, but that is just one of those things! New week, new goal :) Plenty of time for that. Ooh, and a new little shopping centre opened in Maebashi. Have to say that on the whole it is crap with a capital c, but there was a visiting Zara seconds sale, so I bought myself some lovely new tops. Most of them just had a little hole in the collar where the tag had ripped through, and at 70% off I had to grab my chance! Trouble is, some of them are a little snug, so more motivation to lose the inches! Better get my coat :)


  1. Nice chatting with you yesterday!!!! Exercise for me keeps stress at bay.. .6 fluctuation is totally normal, plus you've been sick....

    I started counting my calories again.. because eating right and exercise isn't enough... "sigh"...I'm still hovering at 68, 1kg down in four days... only because I cut my calories to 1600-1700 a day... gave me the jump start I need.

    L size in some dresses are still tight on me (Japanese L).. I have a big arse and hips... hour glass figure... when I'm at goal love it, when I'm not.. hate it...

    My puppy was sick.. so she kept waking us up for her darn thumping.. scratching her paw... she sounds like Thumper.. so its LOUD. and I didn't get my 8 hours of sleep... so the next day I was tired, cranky.. but I find if I don't get enough sleep the night before, I have a harder time falling asleep when I'm exhausted...

    Working out keeps me balanced I guess.. health, sleep, etc.. anxiety. I hate when I have the littlest thing wrong with me... a slight cold, whatever sets me off in that "it could be worse" mode to give myself a pep talk... now if I had friends living next door,etc.. it would be different, and wouldn't have to ask the DH to take a day off with me to baby sit my BABY cold..

    You'll feel better in no time... shopping always helps me. I went back to drinking 100% carrot juice and veggie juice (a large cup a day) sometimes with dieting I realize I don't get enough vitamins.. veggies.

    My Machine came today Laura... ha... so let's see if I can set the thing up by myself.... finished my work this week.. back to studies again...

    = )

  2. I got an ear infection for the first time way back in 2005 and it was probably the most painful thing I have ever experienced. So when I hear of little kids having ear infections my heart just goes out for them. Poor little fella!!

    It must be hard being sick while both your little ones are sick as well. Sending you lots of get well soon vibes!

  3. April, Thanks for visiting! Yeah, was down to 62.2 today anyway. Didn't really eat all that much yesterday with my stomach pains. No appetite, so I MUST be ill! One kilo in four days is great! Don't think I would have the patience to count calories though, although I have to say that portion control has been a big factor in my weight loss. Carbs and protein as big as my fist, and then a couple of fists of veggies. I actually don't even miss the extra I used to pile on my plate, so it just goes to show that I wasn't really in need of it.

    Wow, yeah, I have a big bum and hips too! Am still only in about 32 inch jeans! I wouldn't care about the size really, just the shape that bothers me..bulges and "love handles" as opposed to "smooth largeness" hee hee! I am pretty much done for in terms of Japanese ladies jeans/skirts, etc., although the L tops are an ok fit, although they can sometimes be a bit tight on top too.

    I know what you mean about being kept awake. The children are pretty much sleeping through the night as a rule, but when they weren't? Ughhhhh...Plus when I lived in our old old place there were three dogs on the street who used to bark and bark into the early hours. I am amazed that I didn't let them loose. I certainly felt like it a lot of the time! After a while I think I just didn't hear it anymore.

    Ooh, your machine came?! How exciting! You'll have to tell me how it goes. Good luck with the study, new projects are always fun :)

  4. Nay - thanks for reading! Yeah, it's weird, isn't it? I realise whenever I get a cold that it's really horrible. Feel guilty whenever I tell the children off when they aren't well. I realised this time that I have to go really easy on them when they are poorly :( Children are so strong though. But they are still only little after all. Thanks for the get well vibes, I am off to the hospital tomorrow to see if they are going to cut me open or not..wish me luck!