Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Ok, countdown is now suddenly at one day. How did that happen?!?! Here's me thinking I had loads of time, and suddenly, it's 1:30p.m. and half of the last day is gone! Ok, must think positive. I packed 17 boxes during the week. Turns out that that is really the maximum I could do, what with time, two children, cooking (blow the cleaning other than essentials, I'm moving), and trying to avoid packing "necessary" items that I would only have had to go back into packed boxes to retrieve. Ah, that's better..breathing is calmer now.

The moving company man came at 10:30 today to uninstall the upstairs air conditioners. They will bring them to our new house on Thursday. This might seem a bit strange, but here is what happened. The man from the housing company agreed to us moving in on October 26th. We met with the moving company, set the date (which of course is a "lucky day" in Japan), and agreed a price. I have a potential new student who I am meeting on the Tuesday, day after we move. We have H's drawers arriving on the Wednesday, and a t.v. arriving on the Monday. The housing company guy, who I shall now name as I (for idiot), called us to say that maybe it would be better if we moved a little later on in the week, because he wasn't sure if the ownership papers (or some such other boring matter) would go through as being in our name by the 26th. I asked (told) Y to tell him no..after all, we had arranged so much stuff, and this is technically I's fault for not considering this possibility sooner, and suddenly wanting to change the date at such short notice. So "I" relucantly agreed that we could move in on 26th, and that he would have to keep it a secret from his company. For some reason, this makes me feel slightly edgy to be moving in, even though it's not our fault and we are not the ones who would get into trouble. But "I", despite being an "I" is quite nice, and I wouldn't want to see him lose his job over it.

Anyway, when I thought the last minute packing was the easiest part, seems I have forgotten what moving house is like. Last minute things suck. They are all so random. Why is there no home for the last minute items? What happened in my organising the house plan with these odd little things?! But then they are all independently used things, that's all I can think of. Clocks, calendars (what? These are last minute things for me :P), dishes, cutlery, clingfilm, saucepans, loo roll, shampoos, etc. etc. So I am currently sitting in a living room filled with boxes, duplo (in the steamer pan), a bored daughter, who sick of playing with bricks in pots, is playing with potatoes and a shopping bag in the kitchen, a husband asleep on the sofa, and a son who has crashed out on the floor after having had a 40 minute tantrum because I wouldn't let him eat his rice with his fingers. To say that moving is stressful would be an understatement. But I am trying to remain calm and to be excited that tomorrow is moving day! And even more excited that it's hopefully our LAST moving day.


  1. Yay!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your move... OK.. what TV did you get.. tell me, tell me... are you excited.... It took us a year to get things right in the condo.. and don't even ask about the house....

    I can't wait to hear about all your decorating.... YEA!

  2. woohoo! M day TODAY!

    I'm thinking by this stage you are over it.. hehe!

  3. April - We are officially moved. T.V. is 42inch Wooo. Pretty nice, but gathers the dust like nobody's business! Is all very exciting! Especially as all the last minute repairs, cleaning are done on the apartment. I'm sure it will take forever to get everything perfect, but that's something to look forward to. For now, and for the sake of the finances, changes will be small :) Wallpaper changes can wait, but am excited about the sofa and dining table, which unfortunately will not come until the new year - booooo....

  4. Sakura Mama - was very very over it! But very very happy about the house, especially now the cold snap seems to be over, fingers crossed! Just have to get off my bum and find time to sort everything out!