Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The man from the moving company came yesterday morning. We chose 'Duck' again, as we have moved with them the last two times, and thought they did a good service. First time we got them to bring everything for us, but this was before we had children and all the "stuff" that comes with! Second time, we just got them to take the big items, and we took the rest. I say we, but actually, I packed about half of it, but didn't really have the energy/motivation to pack the rest. It was a bit of a nightmare, because we didn't have time to de-clutter, so ended up taking all of our junk with us. Well this is the last time we will move, so no junk is going to hang around this time. This time, because of all the downsizing, I'm feeling much more motivated about getting it all packed up by myself. Maybe also due to the fact that we are moving to a lovely house that is OURS! Yay!!!

So they will take four bookcases, the fridge, oven, washing machine, kitchen shelf (to see if we can use it in the bathroom for a while), beds (including cot) and a chair. We are getting rid of...the computer desk, sofa (to Sophie), t.v. stand, t.v. and matching chest of drawers, and the dining table (to Kyoko). In fact, it's just as much of a pain and costly to throw things away, so great that we have a home for at least two of our things. After all, the sofa just needs a new cover, and we only bought the table last year. So all that is left to do is to start packing the rest of the stuff! H is off nursery for the next two days as compensation for the two sports days (even though she only went to one of them), so I am going to wait to do the serious packing when she is back at school. It's hard enough writing this during the day time!

As for the rest of the sorting out, we have already told KDDI we are moving, so hopefully we won't be without internet for a month and a half again like last time. I was so lost without being able to contact my family and friends, and it's amazing how useful it is! I often found myself thinking, 'ooh, I'll just check that on the net..' We have arranged a quote for the t.v. aerial, bought an air conditioner/heater for the living area, and are pricing ginormous t.v.s... The a/c was a bit of a shock to both of us, because we had thought it would be about 150,000 yen for such a large area. Even THAT I thought was pricey, but neither of us were prepared for 340,000yen :O Oh.My.God. Thankfully, there was a big sale on, so it was reduced to 248,000, but still expensive. So Y shamelessly bartered the man down to 220,000 and a free outside pipe cover thrown in. Still expensive, but a necessary purchase, and a good one at that. Let's hope it lasts. Y has persuaded me that a big t.v. will not fill the room with screen, and we have decided on a 42 inch one... People are going for 50" ones here at the moment, so the prices have gone down quite a bit. We are hoping that Y's uncle's family is going to give it to us as a housewarming present :P Even better!

The children and I went out to B-Kids today, a second-hand toy/children's shop to try to get a safety gate. We already have one for upstairs, but now that L has figured out how to open doors and zip up the stairs as fast as lightning, we need one for the bottom too. There were quite a few in there, but the condition was a bit crap and they were asking a minimum of 3000 yen, which I thought was a bit crap, so am going to see if I can't get a new one for the same price or a little more. Otherwise, I could just wait and see if they get any better ones in. But ended up coming out with a cute little two-piece outfit for L for 1,200 yen (bargain, still had the labels on) and a huge box of Duplo. My children ADORE Duplo. It's one of the only toys that makes a regular daily appearance. And so versatile. They were using the green bases as "painting boards" today...The Duplo was 3000 yen for a huge bus box. Only thing that we have to work out is what all the pieces are for. Can't believe we are buying more toys ready for the new house already. But that was a big downer for me living in such a small place. That the children hardly had any toys or space to play with them.

The co-ordinator from the furniture shop called today to say that the 3D plan is ready for us to look at, so we will go and do that this weekend. Can't wait to see how it all looks so that we can make a final decision on the furniture! Unfortunately or fortunately, furniture is custom made, so it's going to take THREE months until we get our new sofa...but have decided that we can cope with our easy chair and floor cushions with kotatsu in the tatami room until then :) It will definitely be something to look forward to getting in the new year!

We are moving on 26th October, so really really soon! So excited! Am a bit nervous that we will not only not get our deposit back, but have to pay extra. Y is worried because of all the dents on the floor, but I am being positive and thinking that we might even get some of it back! And I am definitely definitely looking forward to not having to move again after this too :)


  1. Yay for duplo and moving!! (and thanks again for the sofa.. kekeke)

    I can't wait for the day when I can move into our own place... a long way off.. but you know!
    K's has some of the best prices for those big tellies... was meant to buy one but alas I used the money for bills... hope you do get it as a house warming though!!

  2. Ah, well I never thought we would ever move (impatient!), so am really excited. And good luck with making the sofa covers!

    We DID find some good prices at K's on the t.v.s, but might get one online for the best discounts ;) Hope you and the little one will be round to play with the Duplo. Well, Sakurako can play..hehe

  3. Hey Laura, have you and hubs checked out Nekko or Kakaku.com? They were selling out tv for over 4500, so we checked kakaku.com

  4. Ah, yes! Good old kakaku :) Haven't checked Nekko though. I'll have a look, thanks!

  5. My husband ended up going to Osaka TWICE, sounds crazy, right but we saved 2200, and sold our points on Yahoo auction.... Rakuten... they are almost, always more expensive....

    We did the same when we bought the 42 Sony Bravia, we checked kakaku.com, went to osaka, but this time (oh and by the way, the big 4 or 5) Yamada came out to be the cheapest.

    The year we bought the sony (three years ago) we used the points that time and got a new dishwasher, stereo system, and got points on top of that. In the end we got a 4500 TV selling a Yamada (55 inch Toshiba) for 2750! They even threw in my husbands Train fee.... haha Nagoya to Osaka!

    If you have Hikari TV HD or light fiber, Toshiba comes with this embedded, and OH my gosh, the menu is just PRETTY.. I think half of the TV's have Sky Perfect, and the other half have Hikari as TUNER...

    Oh, and we needed a new TV stand for the bedroom... it was 275 and we got it for 50.. that is insane, huh? I think my husband should be a professional, goodness knows.... when I shop at the super I just throw stuff in the cart.. shame on me!

  6. Oh my, you got yourself a good one there! I know, my hubby really pushes it discount-wise, but it's all good at the end of the day :) I can't do it either. And the train fee thrown in?!?! Crazy! Ah, you speak the lingo like a techno-buff. I have no idea what all this stuff is. Hikari? tuners? Arghhhhhh!

  7. And argh, are you talking dollars there?!?!