Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to slump

I have been so busy/tired that I haven't been to the gym for over a week :( And although I am still gradually losing weight, it's pretty much down to running around all over the place and not eating properly. This is something I didn't want to do. I wanted to get fit and have more energy. And I DID have more energy. So, it's official, gym really did help me to feel better. Damn it! Now I have to find time and inclination to go. Well, really I think I will start feeling better soon. The sports day and H's ensuing FIVE day weekend, really wore me out. She was bored, I was fed up, and ended up falling asleep at 8p.m. on more than two occasions. You would think that this would be beneficial, but actually, I felt annoyed that I had lost my evenings, where I like to do what I want to do and to keep on top of paperwork/housework.

So last night was the first night in a while that I came back downstairs after putting the children to bed. I looked at curtains and t.v. stands, ha ha ha! Tres exciting! No, really it was. I could look at interior stuff forever. I think that's why I'm refusing to get stressed about packing. I am so excited to be able to do our house how WE want it..oh, correction, how I want it..I am not trusting Y at all after he showed me a picture of a fan/light fitting that I would expect to find in some old biddy's house. But to be fair, he has been really busy sorting out bank and administration stuff. I feel so useless, but these are things that I just can't do, language-wise, so I am concentrating on managing the organising moving-wise, and feeding the masses.

L went for his MR yesterday and he has been like a bear with a sore head for what seems like forever. He was awake at 1:30 this morning screaming. Usually I would put it down to tiredness and being annoyed that I won't give him a night feed and just sit with him. But there was the added worry that he was poorly from the vaccine, so it was quite stressful. He is always having tantrums. I mean like full-blown throwing things, kicking and smacking ones. It's a whole new experience for me, and although I ignore him, it is so stressful. I just want to yell at him, "shut up!" :( I am hoping that tonight will be better for everyone, as even H woke up with the noise last night. Made me wonder about my plan to put them in the same room in the new house. He fell over outside yesterday. We were playing with the tennis ball and were just going back into the house, hence me not holding his hand, and he tripped over the little kerb on the flower bed, slapped his hands on the floor, and then his head toppled over them and he scraped all up his nose :( It is a real battle wound today. Of course couldn't get him to stand still enough for the photos :P

We got a piece of paper in the letterbox yesterday to say that the bathroom wall cabinet "might fall down", so they want in at some point to sort it out. Wow, that thing is pretty big! Could have already fallen down and hurt mine and Y's heads badly enough, let alone the children! Y has already told them to do it after we have moved out, but I think that's not really the best idea. There aren't really all that many precautions we can take to stop it falling down. I have taken everything out of it, but the actual cupboard is heavy enough to be able to do enough damage. I think I will ask Y to contact them again and ask them to sort it out. After all, we have basically refused maintenance, so if anything were to happen, that might be classed as our fault :(

Bought a pizza for dinner, inspired by April Marie's 600 calorie pizza, found one in my supermarket that's about 700cals, although I loaded it with more cheese, peppers, corn and ham, so I'm sure I can't rely on that calorie count anymore! Better go and check on it!


  1. Hey there darling!!! Thank goodness you are moving and don't have to deal/worry about anything falling apart!!!! EVER.

    And right on, you found the pizza!!!!! You could save half, that would still be filling and can have the other later, or the next day for lunch?

    SO what do you think? How was the pizza? They have thin crust which I like and another which is more thick that comes with sausage!

    I cut out snacks... completely except for fat free yogurt, nuts and fruit, and am limited my rice to 150g and had only two slices of white bread this week.

    I hit a plateau, so I up my push ups to 100 (the girly type) and 40 min of cardio.

    BUT STILLL those 73's will not fit over my hips... soon, soon, soon I hope.

  2. Yay yay! Can't wait! They came in to "fix" the cupboard today. This just entailed screwing through the backboard into the wall..complex ;)

    Not sure if the pizza was the same as the ones you were talking about. Nippon Ham? Was totally delicious! Four cheese and so amazing with the tomato..yum...we ate the lot between three of us with some salad, so not so bad calorie-wise ;)

    Good for you, think I was the same with snacks and I am a total bread freak. Love it. So turned to rye bread and cut right down on that too. Those plateaus are a real downer, but once you get over them, the weight seems to snowball. Keep it up!

    And 73s?? I would be a very happy girl to get to that stage ;P

  3. OH yes.. Nippon Ham and ItoHam seems to be making those pizza's.. The 73's are my goal of all GOALS- It pissed me off that my husband could fit them...

  4. Oh my! the cabinet thing is a little scary! I have almost the same one.. yet no one has said anything to us? might be wise If i take some things down...

    Pizza looks yummy! I'll be making something similar for our halloween party... using the gyoza pastry sheets though. Gotta check that I can pop them in the toaster oven.. I'm sure I saw it somewhere on tv...

    Now I'm hungry! Better tuck into my avocado! lol!! trying to diet but I can't when I adore breads too much. I know rice is what's making me fat.. but If i don't eat the rice.. dinner is going to be shite, and I will end up with a bit of melon bread in my gob!

  5. Have a look at it first. Mine was actually leaning, so it was a bit dodgy. Our apartment is San-ei, which aren't all that good in terms of quality, so I can't say I was surprised. I've lived with plenty of wall cabinets that haven't fallen down!

    Pizza WAS delicious. Gyoza pastry sheets sound really fun! They are thicker than the shu-mai ones right? Should be fine in the toaster oven, I would've thought?

    Gah, I know what you mean about bread. I love it too, but cutting down always takes the weight off. I find pasta and rice much better alternatives. You need the energy anyway. Look at all those Atkins stick people with gaunt faces, yuk yuk yuk!