Friday, October 2, 2009

Out and About

Ah, last night's sleep was a little more interrupted..ah well. I went to the gym from 9p.m. for just over an hour. My motivation was really high yesterday. So much so, that for my first cardio on the, hmmm...not sure what it's called, but the thing that you stand on where you move your arms and legs backwards and forwards?!?!? Anyway, I felt a little sick after it. It's still my fave cardio machine though, because I can burn off about 80kcals in 10 minutes. Of course it would be good if I could actually DO more than 10 minutes, but little by little...I LOVE the abs. stuff that they have there too. Loads of machines and benches. Got 150 crunches in. I am getting to that stage where I am waiting to feel the muscles working, and loving it. And did my usual circuit of the weights machines, then 20 minutes on the bike (treadmills were all full, grr..), which is so boring, so perfect for phone mailing ;)

This morning, Y called and told me he'd forgotten his sticks and folder for his drum lesson tonight. He asked me to drop them off, and I had nothing else planned, so off L and I went after dropping off H. The weather today is awful. I skipped laundry because yesterday's was still damp so not even anywhere to hang it. It's weeks like this one where I really miss having a dryer. L and I hung around kencho for a while after we'd dropped the stuff off and went up in the glass lift to the 32nd floor. Not much to see today though because of the clouds. L had fun running around though.
While we were in Maebashi, I decided to nip off to Keyaki Walk (shopping centre) to get some vanilla macadamia coffee cream. I am addicted to that stuff. Sucks that it's so expensive for such a small amount though, but never mind. Had a little play in the soft play area and bumped into one of the other mothers from H's kindergarten. ARghhh, what are the odds?!? In the next city from Takasaki too. We exchanged a few pleasantries, but they really were a few thanks to a. my limited Japanese and b. my not really caring all that much :P L enjoyed playing, but I rather suspect that he enjoyed posing for photos a lot more. Coffee and a sausage roll later, returned home, ate lunch and watched some Masterchef. Mmmmmmmm, more yummy food...not good for my diet :( Despite that, cooked some pasta with brocolli, courgette and mini-tomatoes in tomato and cheese sauce - SOOOOOO yummy! But of course I made way too much, so lots more in the freezer for one of those days when I can't be bothered.

Am going to look at a couple of houses tomorrow. One about a 10 minute drive from here. Newly built with a nice decent sized back garden, and not all that expensive. Then another 15 year old one a 5 minute drive away with decent land and pretty big, so we'll have to see how that goes. It's quite exciting looking at houses that are actually already there. I have realised, much to my chagrin, that I am rubbish at imagining layouts in reality. So designing our house is quite tough. Nice to be able to look at lots of different places, then I can just say, "right, build me one like that!!"

Have a cleaning blitz planned for tomorrow too. Am going to ask Y to take the children out for a couple of hours (he doesn't know this yet), which I'm sure will mean him going to MIL's as the thought of looking after both children at the same time fills him with absolute dread. Then on Sunday I have promised H that we will make some biscuits with her new little baking set :) Fun fun!


  1. Cross trainer maybe? The machine you are talking about.

    I have a bit of a cleaning blitz planned for tomorrow as well- we try to do big clean ups on the weekend so that Shun can help me and do the vacuuming and clean the ofuro (fumes etc)....I pretty much do the rest but he will help if I ask which is nice.

    More house hunting?! Sounds exciting although I can imagine after awhile it gets tiring- still extremely jealous though. A house, a whole house!

    L is looking very cute running around- looks as if he was having fun.

  2. YES! Thank you. Words often escape me!

    Weekends are often a bit of a cleaning frenzy. To be honest, I would rather get it done in the week, but L tends to get in the way a bit. Great that your hubby cleans the bathroom! I try to get the whole thing cleaned daily, but often end up just giving it a quick wipe around. Am trying to "ask" more too.

    Well, I haven't got tired of house hunting yet, always fun :) The thought of more space (even if accompanied by more cleaning) is very exciting indeed!

  3. Hey Laura--- hahd I guess you made it out that it was a sea shell? lol Oh right on a Cross trainer or an Elliptical trainer? 150 crunches.... right on, I heard that doing them quickly by bringing your knee's toward you, but not coming all the way up help with the lower tummy (which I'm having trouble getting rid of). I still like working out at home though, in my P.J.'s bare and really raw on the days I don't feel like holding my boobs up!

    You think you are cleaning now, wait till you move into your new place.... I have this routine.. not sure if I'm crazy or not with cleaning, but I get up, make the bed, check for dishes, vacuum everyday, I figure the extra work I can lose more calories so I can enjoy my ice cream at night. Once a week I do the toilets and the bathroom, and every two days mop the floor....

    My husband takes care of the laundry on the weekends and cooks, or heats up dinner during the week.. but I'm trying to start cooking again everyday so I can incorporate more veggies into our diet not via balance cup bar!

    I'm excited that you are house hunting, you must be so thrilled.

  4. Sea shell?! What is that? Yes, cross trainer, really works my thighs which are getting really toned, yay! Have noticed my bum getting more pert too - hooray! I find the middle is the last part to lose weight for me. I think I look as if I am wearing a permanent rubber ring, hee hee! I have the lower belly trouble also. You are right about the crunches! I do 60-70 normal ones, 20 with my knees up, 20 twisted for the sides (love the burn on that one) and then more of whatever I can manage!

    Ha ha, I am a crazy cleaner too! Some days I just can't muster the energy to do anymore than is ABSOLUTELY necessary (laundry, cooking and washing up). I try to clean the toilet and bath every day, and end up hoovering the living room and kitchen pretty much daily. Then I try to give each other room it's turn in the spotlight from top to bottom once a week. This week I have just been very lethargic, which I'm sure must have something to do with the grim weather, hence today's blitz :) But houses vs. flats = stairs = cleaning pain.

    Ah, loooove veggies! That's one good thing about living in the countryside, veggies are very cheap and delicious.