Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I love Thursday

Well here is my balance for the F off Friday. Not sure that I will be able to keep either up for any length of time, but wanted to at least do one of each within one week :) So here are some things that I love about this week:

  • that my appendix has stopped giving me trouble and allowed me to feel loads more grateful for the little things that I take as given
  • that my weight today was 61.4kg after having a week with no exercise
  • getting the laundry done for the past two days despite the rain (thanks to the drying rack in the spare room
  • that I managed to get presents sent off to both my mother and younger sister for their birthdays this week
  • that my mother printed out the photos from the shichi go san and told me she shows them to all and is "proud to tell people that they are her grandchildren"
  • that I can fit into my new Zara size 8 jeans (even though I will have to turn them up because they are too long thanks to all those tall skinny spanish chicas)
  • that L is FINALLY starting to apologise again and understands the meaning of the naughty step :)

Wow, that felt pretty good. And I have loads more probably! I know appendicitis is not the most serious of conditions, but everytime I have got it, I worry that it will burst and I will drop dead. So it kind of makes me appreciate EVERYTHING!

Off to bed, night night all!


  1. You know Laura, I was trying to be a good GREEN girl and hang them out.. but I lost patience and chucked them into the dryer.... despite the modern front loading drum... and its fluff, plus good smelling dryer sheets.. I REALLY prefer the smell of outdoors it seems all the more fresh..

    Esp after a hot shower or bath, you grab a new fresh towel and I could literally smell the outside.. leaves burning, wood, fresh crisp air.. and yes sometimes.. food. ok... lol

    You and I are SOOO close to our goal.... I'm still 5kg fatter than you, but I can zip my size 8's if I lay on the bed and use a coat hanger to help me pull up the zipper....

    The bike is working.. man my legs hurt.. feel like rubber after each workout.. I was amazed that I could burn 500-600 calories.. I was going about 17.3 km... the meter says 400 cal but when I checked online it said 600... so somewhere around there...

    1700 cal is perfect for me.. with exercise it creates a calorie deficit, although yesterday, I went to 2300... I felt so hungry.. but still with calories burned... not too bad..

    When my husband picks up a bento I tell him to get the one's that have calories on the front.. if not, I sort of wing it.. sushi.. ah about 600.. etc..

    I've been drinking my 100% carrot or veggie juice to make sure I'm getting all my vitamins...

    Anyway.. have a fab weekend... We head off for v-day... I'm in the middle of writing him a love letter = ) I had an early day at work today so I finished early.. YAY... back to bunny slippers and Pj's.

  2. Hi April! YES, it is sooo much better when the clothes have been hung outside and you get that lovely fresh smell! Apart from when the wind changes and the pig farm is oh too close to here...

    Wow, you are 5kilos bigger than me? Our shapes must be soooo different. Those jeans of your hubby's that you were trying to get into? Phew, not even 80s here...I have hips to swerve around ;) Had a great image of the coathanger in the zip though, ha ha!

    I am never sure about those calorie counters on the machines either. I burn 300 on the treadmill for half an hour. That's a fast uphill walk. But put me on the eliptical trainer for 10 minutes, 100 cals burned and I can't even breathe, let alone speak. Very dubious, but I am sticking to the treadmill for perseverence and if it works, I can stand it taking a little longer. 1700 cals sounds good. Hard to strike a balance of deficit and too big a loss so that your body holds on to the fat. And some days you definitely need more cals than others depending on the time of the month.

    Hope you had a fab weekend! I am very envious! Where did you end up staying?

  3. Sorry for the late reply.. YEP 66 kg.. I have to say AROUND that time, I get so HUNGRY.. you know what though, I think it seems so hard cause we are so close the goal... That time of month.. its heavy.. and no wondering woman in Japan can take off a day or two during that time.. let me just say. not only do I get ODDLY hungry (waking up to pee at 4am and HAVE TO EAT).

    I didn't realize when I went back to counting how much you can actually eat and be satisfied, I think at most I go to 2100 but I burn 600 so great.. -2kg in one week when I started counting.. I imagine the other 3 will be difficult.

    MY husbands jeans.. yea, they were his, I told him to save a pair for me, he bought some vintage jeans and I couldn't get them over my ass, and when I finally did (after putting on my shaper and a coat-hanger). uniqulo and have been slowly getting into all my clothes...

    It took me a year and a half to get back to normal after I broke my knee (second time BTW.. last time was in 2005).. ERR I started kicking butt more in August 2009,when broke my Knee in 2008.

    I went skiing.. and gained like 35kg... took me a year and 3 months to lose it... finally at 63 now.. I THINK... around about.. must be cos I can zip my goal pants now.

    OH body shape.. I'm an hourglass.. Hips and D cups.. lol The only other time I was PLUMP was in 1999 and when I was in college (first year) Studying and greasy take-out..

    Oh.. uniqlo.. they are a size 30 and well.. I still have a muffin top when I wear them.. 79 fits okay... its my butt..