Friday, February 5, 2010

F Off Friday

Inspired by Sarah's idea, I have decided to do an F Off Friday, and will be stealing Lulu's Things I love Thursday to strike a good balance when Thursday comes around again. Yin and Yang and all that jazz. So these are things that have F'd me off this week. In the interests of positivity, I am keeping this list to a maximum of 4 things:

1. Being accused of trying to get something for nothing from an internet seller who wanted to make me get nothing for something.

2. Going down with appendicitis again and making myself homesick because of it

3. H throwing up after dinner because MILs "snack" after nursery today was one banana, one satsuma and a whole load of bread.

4. Going out to the loo and coming back to my nice folded laundry pile being thrown around the living room by my children

Ah, ok, that wasn't so bad. I feel better to get it off my chest and now I can concentrate on having a good weekend :)


  1. What the hell is wrong with that woman? Of course you want to see pics before you buy it... That is the typical protocol... she sounds like an idiot or lazy..

  2. Ha ha ha, I have been trying to rationalise it all day...and have come up with nothing. She verbally attacked me with two unnecessary mails and is now on block! Think she is probably a bit of both..idiotic and lazy.

  3. "F off Friday" I love it!
    I actually didn't get around to it this week. (yay)

    Feels good to get it off your chest though I'm sure. Hope you are feeling better... does the appendicitis just go away at some point? I had mine removed when I was 10 after a sudden attack.

    Why are they so hesitant to take yours out when it is giving you so many issues lately?

  4. Ha ha, just liked the idea :)!

    Well apparently doctors often just treat appendicitis with antibiotics these days, as technically they will work. The only problem is untreated peritonitis, which I'm not really all that thrilled about, but as this is the third time, and I'm still here, I can say that it is probably fine :) If I had to be admitted for surgery, I'm not really sure how I would sort childcare out. I'm sure I would manage if I had to, but would just be quite tricky. So if they can avoid the surgery, all the better. If this happens another time, not sure what I will do. It has only been three times in as many years, so I suppose it's really just like getting sick once a year. The pain is very bearable, so it might just be better to go with the meds. I have to admit, the first time they said they didn't need to take it out, I was very shocked!

  5. F off Friday! I love it!!!

    Technically Things I love Thursday was stolen from a blogger in Australia (now New York, originally NZ) called Gala Darling but that doesn`t matter!

    That sucks about the appendix thing because it will just keep happening right? I guess the medical care is changing- what do they do in the UK? My brother had his out when he was about 10 and was out of the hospital the next day due to keyhole surgery. He did have to take it easy though! Glad the antibiotics worked though!

  6. I loved Sara's idea about 'F off Friday' as well. I think it would be a great way to get little things that have annoyed you throughout the week off your chest. I might have to steal your idea and make my own list on Friday :P

  7. Lulu - Thanks, yes, it does seem to keep happening. In the first place, it happened when my daughter was just 2 months old, and I told them being admitted would be hard (they wanted to admit me to give me an I.V. antibiotic drip), but they wanted to avoid surgery then too. Next time I was still breastfeeding my son, but they still gave me an I.V. drip. Then this time, they just gave me pills...I am wondering if they are sick of me?!?!?! They said keyhole surgery would be impossible because of the location of my appendix, so they would have to do a proper cut. I still have some pain, but it's more of a niggle now. The worst thing is probably the headaches as a side effect of the meds. and having to take care of the children!

  8. Nay - I do think that all positives and negatives are balanced, so thought doing both would be a great idea, thanks Sarah! I will have to remember to do this Thursdays one!!