Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rainy days and periods

This morning was so cold, and I swear the air smelt of snow. When I got to the nursery, it started to rain. Typical that I had already started the washing. I missed a day yesterday, and H had to go to nursery wearing a long sleeved top under a summer blouse because I only have two winter blouses. I begrudge buying more, because they are almost 3000 yen each...

So I have just got the children off to bed, and have the evening to myself as Y has gone out to practice his next show for another friend's wedding. This is good, because it gives me chance to firegaze and I am not great company today due to dreaded period making it's appearance for this month. I made a salad for dinner as I am so bloated, no desire to eat/cook/do anything. I have a living room full of dust bunnies, fluff and laundry. And oh yes, forgot to mention that I did a load of laundry today with H's was a dry one, thankfully, but for those who have experienced the joy of washing a nappy (or a panty liner for those without children) will know that they contain a lot of jelly like stuff that gets over EVERYTHING! Fortunately, today, I rinsed and spun again and it seemed to get a lot out, although I'm sure it can't be good for the washing machine!

Today is my sister's birthday, Happy Birthday J! But I am a rubbish sister because I didn't even get a card sent, let alone a present :(

On a POSITIVE note, because I certainly need one of those today, apart from a few hacks in the night, my cough is on the way out! My windpipe seems to be getting back to it's normal size, and I can actually talk without sounding like a female-impersonator too! There is my silver lining for today :) Let's hope it stops raining tomorrow.


  1. I was meant to do washing yesterday as well but had to wait until today (but still slept in because I woke up early the day before with the idea of doing the washing and then couldn`t due to the inclement weather) - hope you managed to get yours done today!

    I am trying to do washing every second day at the moment- knowing that I will need to try and start doing it EVERY day probably once baby arrives since our washing machine is small and so is our veranda where I have to hang things out.

    Have you tried uniqlo kids for winter stuff for kids? It is pretty cheap! Not always the best selection though! 3000yen seems a bit steep for a kids blouse! Maybe I misunderstood though and this is one she HAS to wear for school?

    My cough is finally going away too! Still there slightly at night but otherwise gone- THANK GOD! It only took 5 weeks!

  2. Lulu - following day was very productive, so feeling much better today thanks! Before I had children, I remember washing once or twice a week. Now I could probably do washing every other day if I had more hanging space, but with the winter weather, usually do it every day. I think our washing machine washes about 7kg? I only ever do one load per day unless it's summer and it can get dried in a few hours.

    Yes, H's blouse is a uniform one. I asked them if I could buy a similar white blouse elsewhere and they said silly! Especially when it's winter and the children are allowed to wear spatz/trousers/tights of any colour or description. Am looking forward to the non-uniformness of hoikuen :)

    My cough seems to be vanishing too. So annoying, isn't it?!?!

    Any sign of Goma chan yet?

  3. I was trying how to figure out how to comment without letting my url out.. lol

    I've done that before.. washed pants with paper inside, dried a wool sweater that could fit a tot.... and because my period was so light the last three lasted 8 days this time... not heavy but enough to make me feel irritated and tired..

    The absorbent gel.... haha I sucked one up with the vacuum once not a pantie liner cause my period is way to heavy for those but I did suck up a pee pee pad accidently from the puppies...

  4. April Marie - good to know it's not just me then! I am always finding random "treats" in the washing is the best one though. Good for the pocket, not so good for the machine..

    Well without giving too much information, my periods are pretty hellish...last for at least 6 days, usually a week and are heavy the whole time, so the liners are a double act.

    Am very intrigued to know what happened when you sucked up the "pee pad"...

  5. Luckily it was a long time ago, when Madison was a puppy and I threw it away -- we were leaning toward a newer one.. so it wasn't so bad.. but the vacuum sucked the pad and everything on it.. boy that thing sucked.

    Me too.... when it is heavy I pass clots and all that crap and .... I know how you feel... but sometimes it makes me so tired and I get nervous going out during that time.... running the bathroom to change (esp when it is really heavy).. I use pads though...

    TMI I now.. but we are all women.. eh...

  6. Urkkk, periods really do suck..Glad that today seems to be the last day. Hope the next one is late. And no problem giving TMI :) By the way, I can't seem to find your new URL. Could you mail me?

  7. Sure... the new URL is = )