Monday, November 16, 2009

Where did all my energy go?!

These days, I can't seem to get out of bed very easily in the mornings. The children rarely wake up during the night, and I sleep with the light off, a very sound sleep I think. But still, when the alarm goes off in the morning (yes, we even need an alarm now!!), I have to prise myself out of bed. Something tells me it's the weather. It seems to have suddenly turned cold. People talk about the "winter weather", hang on, isn't it still autumn?!?! I think I blinked and missed the leaves changing colour and there they all are, on the ground. Have I been so tied up in things that I missed a whole season?! And the children seem a bit the same. H didn't wake up until 8a.m. today, and only then because I was in her room getting L's clothes. She can't get moving either, and it takes her approximately 20 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal o_O As for getting dressed by herself..forget it! L seems to be happy enough, although he did fall asleep on my lap at the computer at 10a.m. this morning. Of course, once I got up, he started to cry, and I had to rock him for about an hour before he finally dropped off again. Found a bit of motivation and energy in my coffee (thanks Khea) and managed to get the laundry done, finally put away my summer clothes and sort out some extra drawer space for L, so I should be proud to have acheived something!
Had a great weekend with Sarah and the Gunma Mummies on Saturday! It was so nice to have so many cute little children around, and to have a natter, but was also a little like a madhouse! I think we all at one point said that there would be no more children for any of us...
I have just returned from the gym, woo hoo! So that is another thing to feel proud of today. This energy slump must be widespread, because the gym was almost empty today. Very unusual on a Monday. So I have decided to try not to be so hard on myself, and concentrate on the positives instead of focusing on the things I DON'T do. Seems possible! Gym (for myself) and at least a little housework every day (for all of us) are both good starters. So it's a good start to the week. I am hoping that the sun will come out tomorrow? I have a model lesson with a prospective student, so fingers crossed! Hope everyone else isn't letting the cold and lack of sunshine get them down.


  1. I love your little snowman in the window!! It's soo cute!!

    I have to agree that it is getting more and more difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. Especially this morning when it was still dark at 9am!! I am thinking that I am going to have to find out kotatsu blanket and mat for the lounge room in the next week or so because it is definitely starting to feel more like winter than autumn.

    Glad to hear that you all had a great time last Saturday!! Very envious that you guys live so close to one another...

  2. ahhh... yeah my motivation is STILL gone.
    and my broodiness levels are at an all time high... found myself talking to Riki about baby names while I was half asleep this morning. HELP!

    I also had heaps of fun, as did Sakurako once she got less scared. Not sure what's going on with the seasons... I thought winter was December- February? meaning we're in the final stretch of Autumn?? yet the morning news happily announced the start of winter last week. whats up with that!? The leaves haven't even all fallen yet... planning on taking Sakurako to stomp in some autumn leaves when it's warm enough or NOT raining....

    can't wait for my care package with winter clothes... I have NOTHINGGGGGG

  3. Nay, thank you! He's lovely, isn't he? I'm sure it's harder for you to get out of bed with little N growing too. So glad to see everything's going well. Ooh, kotatsu <3 Might get our old one back from MILs until we get our sofa delivered!

  4. Sakura Mama - I know, isn't it still autumn?!?! What the hell is going on? Can't believe the news announced winter already! I wanted to go out with the children for leaf stomping, but they seem to get cleared up before you get the chance!

    Ha ha, I even heard Sakura speak on Saturday, to me! I was shocked that she had so much in her. I'm hoping that means she's getting used to me? Bless, she is cautious. Has to be a good thing!

    Ooh, new clothes? Exciting!

  5. I'm so bad, so bad.. I don't get up until 12noon, but to my defense I don't get to bed until 2 am. I think my work schedule sets me off. I don't have to be to work until 3 p.m. and when I get home, eat, do my work out, unwind, it is already midnight. Thankfully though I only have a few days of those hours. When I have early days I go to bed early.. but I can't function if I get less than 8 hours.

    I'm so bad...

  6. April Marie - ooh, 10 hours sounds nice :) I know what you mean about your work schedule. I used to work afternoon into evening, and I think you definitely need that firegazing time to unwind. I should go to bed earlier too, but want firegazing time AFTER gym too, hee hee! Could do with a few more hours in a day?

  7. Npnp if I could hand out motivation and positive energy like candy, I would. Oooh I could put it in cute little boxes with ribbons and maybe a pompom on top... *cough* Glad you are doing well though. =)

    I also seem to have missed Autumn.. but it FEELS like it now to me (mind you Autumn in Vancouver is already pretty chilly....and rainy) so I guess it's a short one this year.

    Have a great long weekend Laura-tachi!