Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Blog, new start

So after having moved my original Yahoo blog to W, I have decided to give Blogger a try. W seems to be a bit too complicated for me. It always takes me an age to get everything right, and time is not really what I have a lot of. Problem is, would love to bring my whole blog with me, but can't for the life of me work out how to export it. Any advice would be very appreciated!

Today weather isn't the best. After a night of rain, this morning is dull and cloudy. After I drop H off at kindergarten, it starts raining again. Sorry L..another day in the house.

Weaning is going ok. Some days are better than others. L was awake for pretty much all of the night last night. Woke up with his feet donking my head as he was sleeping lengthways between mine and Y's heads...So when Y's alarm goes off at 6:40a.m. I nearly cry. Fortunately, Y makes his own bento today - bless. I give the children cheese on toast for breakfast, despite H requesting rice crispies. Cheese on toast = finger food = more time for me to get everything sorted ready to leave.

Not really sure where the time goes today. I do the usual, laundry (now hanging inside the living room window - yuk!), vacuuming, oh yes, I clean the floors, although that is kind of undone when L finds it feels quite nice to walk around in the dampness. Lots of pretty little light coloured footprints on the floor. I had always thought that laminate flooring would be easier to maintain than carpet, but it's not really. The only real advantage is spills are easier to clean up. Laminate flooring hides NOTHING. I am always down on my hands and needs scrubbing up dirty spots. What do I use, what do I use? I heard vinegar and water, I heard a damp mop, window cleaner. What?! I am from a carpet nation. How should I know? I resort to my Perfect Housewife bible, but that only tells me that I don't know whether my floor is sealed or not..hmm...back to square one.

Eat lunch - last night's pork curry leftovers, egg and rice - yummy! L gets potato and fish bake from the freezer, eating and eyelids drooping. I resist the feeding temptation and am glad that I am back in a non-nursing bra today, because the temptation to feed him to sleep is great, but not so great that I can be bothered to take my whole bra off :) He eventually goes to sleep on my lap while I am cutting his fingernails. Ahhhh, quite sweet really.

After that, I have about an hour and a half to really get something done! I sort out the shelves in the living room, which were an absolute mess. No point having shelves to organise things when they are just full of disorganised junk. I start on the "home office" stuff, but there are too many random indecipherable Japanese documents, so unfortunately, that is one that I will have to do with Y. Realise that I only really like cleaning when it is connected to changing something. I rearrange the computer desk, and it is a lot more spacious and clean now. Although it is still just another high surface which Y will probably fill with more junk :( MUST prevent that from happening somehow.

Arghhh, thank goodness for auto-draft saving...just almost lost the whole thing!

Tomorrow is the practice day for H's sport's day. She has been practicing a dance with rice filled PET bottles at kindergarten for the past month. Tomorrow is a practice with "Mums". Yes...we have to participate in this dance too...I had thought that it was going to be impossible. After all, I have L to take care of. So I had thought that I would let H take the day off and go to the indoor play centre. But H is so excited when I picked her up. She says the teacher has been telling them that the Mums will be coming to watch them dance tomorrow. Hmmm, maybe Y had got it wrong and that it will just be an observing thing. Well, I can do that, I think. Wrong...it is still a Mum/child dance, and have now got myself roped into going with L on my back and prancing about with a bottle of rice covered with stickers...ahhhh, parenthood...

This is one thing I don't like about kindergarten vs daycare...parent (more like mother) participation is expected whenever and wherever they like. No consideration for mothers having jobs, other children, lives. Roll on April!

Manage to get the children fed, bathed and in bed asleep by 7:30 tonight, so have lots of time to sit here and do this. I haven't been to the gym since last Monday because of my sore throat and general lethargy. Now, when I am sitting dressed in my sweats and feeling motivated, Y is not home :( Must keep motivation up! Or maybe I should just dig out the Billy's Bootcamp DVD and work up a sweat chez moi...


  1. good luck with the blogger blog! i personally love mine, so i hope you do well with yours!

  2. illahee - thanks! I am not the most computer literate, so may very well be asking for help!

  3. Blogger was a lot easier to navigate than wordpress I found - I hope you find it so too :)

    I'm not sure how to export your blog from wordpress to blogger although I know it can be done the other way around. Maybe somebody else will be able to give you some clues to that!!

  4. Nay - yes, it does seem easier thanks! Although can't work out how to get e-mail notifications of comments...hmm..maybe I need to take some kind of course!