Monday, March 1, 2010

New day, new month, new doc.

I'm not sure where exactly I heard it, but someone on t.v. the other day said that it's never too late for a new start. So I figured in the spirit of a new month, season, week, etc., that I would forget everything bad that may have happened recently and start this week as I hope to go on. Monday is as good as any day to do so.

I was woken at 4a.m. by a crying H, who upon closer investigation was sitting on her potty in her room crying because her trousers were wet. She had been sleeping curled at the bottom of her bed, so well away from the waterproof pad placed carefully under a blanket (it's a bit cold otherwise) and her sheet. I stripped the bed, threw the sheets down the stairs, cleaned her up a bit and put some dry trousers on her, then took her into our bed. She wriggled for at least an hour, and I found that she was the best hot water bottle I had ever had, and she returned the favour by resting her cold feet on my stomach. At 8a.m., I awoke with a start, left a very asleep H and went to get L up from his cot where he was singing and playing with his activity centre. After deliberating about what to do with H re. kindergarten, I decided to wake her up and we had a very speedy washing, dressing and breakfasting and got out of the door at 9a.m. I apologised to the teacher for a. being late, b. forgetting her pumps and as I got in the car, I realised that I had also forgotten to pack her hat..

L and I drove to Yamaya, an off license that has lots of very reasonably priced imported goods, to pick up cereal, tinned toms., and some little wholewheat crackers that I get for the children (and they LOVE), Dar Vida. But horror of Dar Vida :( Now this same thing happened with the Weetabix, which I now get from FBC, so I am hoping they are just out of stock, although I fear that that's it on the Dar Vida front..I finished up getting some Cracottes instead, although the Dar Vida are excellent for on the go snacks because they are all packaged up in 8 cracker packs that I can just slip in my handbag.

Anyway...I came home, and put my NEW housework plan into practice, even though I really did NOT feel like it. I hung out the laundry and blitzed the playroom, living room and kitchen. I found that giving L the hoover while I dust, keeps him quiet and he managed to actually do some cleaning with it! When it was my turn, he wasn't so impressed, but he didn't really throw as big a tantrum as usual, so I am thankful for small mercies.

Then I put him in the cot for a nap after lunch. While I was tidying upstairs, he woke up SCREAMING about 45 minutes after I had put him down. Fortunately, or unfortunately it was time to pick H up anyway. I put him in the car, literally kicking and screaming at this point, so I was a bit worried that he might actually be poorly. My plan had been to take both of the children to my usual pediatrician in Maebashi (bit of a drive, but she knows us well and speaks English). After waiting in line to pick H up with a SCREAMING L, I decided that maybe a long drive was not such a good idea. So I drove to the nearest doctor. I had been there once before, so I knew there would be no form filling in and confusing medical kanji to be flummoxed by. As soon as we got into the waiting room, and the children saw the little play corner, L totally stopped crying...typical. This always happens, so you'd think I would have learned, but no. He cries so hard and for so long, that I convince myself he is on the brink of death, suffering from meningitis or some equally life-threatening illness. Then quick as a flash, he is fine.

Anyway, the doctor was lovely. I told her that they had both had colds, and that since yesterday L's eyes were really gunky, and that H had complained of itchy eyes too. She examined them both really kindly and efficiently and didn't speak to me like I was an idiot, which is always good, but also didn't jabber off a whole load of difficult language. So I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to understand that they had hayfever, and that L's had developed into an infection from him rubbing his eyes constantly and had worsened due to his cold. She gave us some eye drops, and some meds. I have to admit, this is the hardest to understand..what to give, who and when, etc. but it is all clear now. I think I will go there all the time from now on. To be honest, I think the Maebashi doc. is a bit crap. She constantly gives antibiotics and steroid creams, and would never really consider hayfever even when I mentioned it once. I suppose I was all flustered about not being able to understand the language, but at the end of the day, I can describe the symptoms and pretty much understand the diagnosis, and shouldn't worry as long as the doctor examines the children, right? So this was the best new thing for today :)


  1. Well tell me more about the new housework plan? I think my housework plan should be to have no computer before 2pm or something because otherwise I seem to get NOTHING done... (except the washing and dinner prep which I always do during Noah`s first nap of the day)

    It sounds like the doctor you went to is good- I speak Japanese relatively okay and can manage doctors appointments okay but I have started worrying lately that I might not understand well enough for Noah`s sake and I would hate to miss something. I had to ring the clinic today to try and make a booking for his 3 month check and they said I didn`t need an appt (which was fine) and I asked about his immunizations and they kept asking me for this code which I didn`t have and she kept telling me the name of the code (seshusha code or something?) but it had all these "s" syllables that it was making my head spin and I couldn`t see it on any of the things I had in front of me so I told her I would just get my husband to ring later. It stressed me out though!

    BUT, it sounds like you may be onto a winner with this doctor. I like it when they speak slow but still in a way that doesn`t make me feel stupid. Plus sounds like she is close by! YAY!

    Shame your kids have hayfever but glad you now have the diagnosis!

  2. Hi Lulu! Thanks for your comment. Weeeell, the new housework plan is not really all that exciting! I just changed around the days on stuff to make it a bit more balanced and to relieve the monotony :) So aside from daily stuff, like laundry, cooking, washing up and tidying toys away, I have just made it a bit more manageable. Just kind of trying things out to see what kind of method suits my lifestyle. I could give you a list if you want, but I am guessing that would be a bit boring? Ooh, but I remember you said you like lists, so let me know, ha ha!

    I am ashamed of my bad Japanese. I was a language major, so it's embarassing for me to live in a country where I don't speak the language well. I have got better over the eight years I've been here, although I haven't really properly studied. How did you learn? I am terrible at self-study. I can't really afford lessons, so I enrolled in the free city classes taught by volunteers, but they were a bit of a waste of time, so I stopped. I think once I start working, I will have more cash to be able to afford lessons. I am ok at understanding in general, unless there is a lot of polite language, but I am not so good at getting my point across, so a lot like many Japanese are with their English. What was the seshusha code? I'm very curious! Could be the code on the stickers they put in the bosutechyo? Great when you find a good doc., eh? I am lucky because she is only a 10 minute walk away as opposed to a 45 minute drive! Yay! I am so glad about the hayfever, awful as that sounds. I just always felt it strange that they came down with so many colds. They eat lots of fruit, get lots of sleep and wrap up warm when it's cold out, so I felt a little guilty (as mothers do!). Now at least they can get the right meds. and they are happy happy happy!

  3. and yes, the computer is terrible for distraction from housework, isn't it!!

  4. glad you found a good doctor nearby, we had to go through a few here to find one we liked. It makes such a difference when you like them and feel relaxed enough to think clearly and talk about what you need to about your kids with them.

  5. Colorbynumbers - thanks! It really does help when the doctor seems to know what they are doing. As for communication, well that is still problematic, but it's much better that I think the doc. is doing a good job :)

  6. I would actually love the housework list. LOL! FB it to me when you get a chance!